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  • The Future of Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Training With TPC

TPC training is proud to announce the expansion of its workforce training solutions. Previously available through Simutech Multimedia, TPC’s 3D cloud-based troubleshooting simulation training solutions are tailored to meet today’s complex workplace training needs.

Respected for their effectiveness and accessibility, our simulation training solutions are available in both installed and cloud-based options depending on your needs:


Simulation of Electrical Cage on Monitor


Through installed simulations you’re granted access to:

  • Realistic replications of common electrical faults, errors, and malfunctions.
  • Troubleshooting training for electrical circuits, controls, and sensors.
  • The ability to build custom curriculums and assessments.

The Future of Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Training With TPC


Through cloud-based simulations you’re granted access to:

  • An immersive 3D environment designed to teach the skills needed to diagnose and resolve electrical issues correctly and efficiently.
  • Learning labs which give workers the foundational knowledge required to succeed in simulations that explore core and advanced electrical troubleshooting topics.
  • Courses in Troubleshooting Safety and Troubleshooting Fundamentals, Control Circuit Components and Troubleshooting Control Circuits, as well as Motor Control Components and Troubleshooting Motor Circuits are provided.

Using the best in electrical troubleshooting training solutions means you’re reducing overall equipment downtime and creating a competent, quality workforce. TPC training is not only the leader in performance and compliance solutions, but also today’s most convenient, accessible, and trusted choice in electrical troubleshooting simulation training for the workers of tomorrow.

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