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Basic Entertainment Rigging

Basic Entertainment Rigging

Designed to provide participants with a basic level of knowledge of rigging gear inspection, proper rigging procedures, and load control using typical rigging techniques in the entertainment rigging industry through problem solving workshops.

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Lesson 1: Rigging Introduction


Terms & Definitions; Rigger’s Tools; Rigging Rules of Thumb; Hitch Terms; Hitch Types; Sling Types; Hitch Capacities; STAC Chain; Hook Loading; Shackle Use; 12 Points of OSHA Sling Law; Eyebolt Do’s & Don’ts; Pulling Up a Point


– Become familiarized with the terms regularly used in rigging applications.
– Understand the principles behind basic entertainment rigging theory.
– Understand the different applications for various pieces of rigging equipment.

Lesson 2: Rigging Inspection


Wire Rope Slings; STAC Chain; Synthetic Roundsling; SPA Shackle; Eyebolt; Pear Link; Sling Protection; Rigging Storage


– Recognize and evaluate field damaged rigging gear samples.
– Understand and apply the guideline provided by established recognized industry standards.

Lesson 3: Rigging Selection


Rigging Capacities; Rigging Selection Workshops; Equal Bridle Legs; What is Under Rigged


– Select appropriate slings and rigging hardware based on anticipated loading and rigging method.
– Complete rigging capacity workshops to reveal working load limit of selected rigging configurations.

Lesson 4: Workplace Safety


Workplace Safety Practices; Load Hazard Zone; Personal Protection; Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS)


– Identify common workplace safety practices.
– Recognize common load hazard zones.
– Identify different types of personal protection.
– Understand and apply the guidelines for using Personal Fall Arrest System.

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