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Basic Pump Maintenance: Keeping a problem from happening in the first place

On the surface, pumps seem like pretty simple things. But combining electrical and mechanical operations to move water from one place to another is complex and can be rife with problems. In this free 1 hour webinar, instructor Wade Heisler helps take some of the mystery out of basic pump maintenance. We'll discuss maintenance strategies and techniques to help keep pumps from failing in the first place.

Introduction to Rigging

Introduction to Rigging

The quintessential introduction to crane and rigging activities throughout a bevy of industries. Identification, inspection, and basic theories are introduced and illustrated with video, interactive media, and images.

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Lesson 1: Rigging Identification


Basic Terms; Basic Theories; Roles


– Become familiarized with the terms regularly used in rigging applications and inspections.
– Understand the principles behind basic rigging theory.
– Identify different pieces of rigging hardware.
– Understand the different applications for various pieces of rigging equipment.

Lesson 2: Rigging Hardware


Sling Types; Shackles; Master Link; Pry Bar; Wedge Socket; Come-a-longs; Turnbuckle; Swivel Hoist Rings


– Identify different sling types and proper use conditions.
– Identify different types of rigging hardware and their applications.
– List the advantages of different pieces of rigging hardware in unique use cases.
– Understand what to look for to determine if a piece of rigging hardware is fit for service.

Lesson 3: Slings


Chain Slings; Wire Rope Slings; Synthetic Web Slings


– Match wire rope slings to their correct weighted capacity.
– Determine the best sling type for various loads.
– Identify the best sling type for work by industry.
– Understand working load limit (WLL) for different types of sling.

Lesson 4: Hitch Capacities


Hitch Terms; Hitch Types; Rigging Configurations


– Identify hitch drawings by their correct name.
– Understand the relationship between hitch types and WLL.
– Match hitches to their formal titles by description.
– Understand adjustable hitch configurations and their effect on WLL.

Lesson 5: Sling Protection


Sling Protection Standards; Sling Protection Identification; Sling Protection Applications


– Identify manufacturer and ASME codes & standards concerning use of sling protection.
– List seven different types of sling protection.
– Explain the major use cases of sling protection equipment.

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