Webinar on OSHA Violations

Life after an OSHA Citation: Turning a Black Mark into a Better Workplace

OSHA citations happen: the agency conducted 35,000 inspections in 2015 and cited 65,000 violations for a range of common hazards. The facilities that come back strongest from a citation are the ones that go beyond hazard correction to establish a culture of safe work practices.

Introduction to Rigging

Introduction to Rigging

The quintessential introduction to crane and rigging activities throughout a bevy of industries. Identification, inspection, and basic theories are introduced and illustrated with video, interactive media, and images.

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Lesson 1: Rigging Identification


Basic Terms; Basic Theories; Roles


– Become familiarized with the terms regularly used in rigging applications and inspections.
– Understand the principles behind basic rigging theory.
– Identify different pieces of rigging hardware.
– Understand the different applications for various pieces of rigging equipment.

Lesson 2: Rigging Hardware


Sling Types; Shackles; Master Link; Pry Bar; Wedge Socket; Come-a-longs; Turnbuckle; Swivel Hoist Rings


– Identify different sling types and proper use conditions.
– Identify different types of rigging hardware and their applications.
– List the advantages of different pieces of rigging hardware in unique use cases.
– Understand what to look for to determine if a piece of rigging hardware is fit for service.

Lesson 3: Slings


Chain Slings; Wire Rope Slings; Synthetic Web Slings


– Match wire rope slings to their correct weighted capacity.
– Determine the best sling type for various loads.
– Identify the best sling type for work by industry.
– Understand working load limit (WLL) for different types of sling.

Lesson 4: Hitch Capacities


Hitch Terms; Hitch Types; Rigging Configurations


– Identify hitch drawings by their correct name.
– Understand the relationship between hitch types and WLL.
– Match hitches to their formal titles by description.
– Understand adjustable hitch configurations and their effect on WLL.

Lesson 5: Sling Protection


Sling Protection Standards; Sling Protection Identification; Sling Protection Applications


– Identify manufacturer and ASME codes & standards concerning use of sling protection.
– List seven different types of sling protection.
– Explain the major use cases of sling protection equipment.

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