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"The Future of Industrial Training: the New Digital Classroom"

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At TPC Training Systems, we’ve been on the hunt for ways that our industrial skills training solutions can evolve to meet the needs of all of our customers, and we’ve learned some things in the process. In this webinar, we’ll share what we’ve learned and give you a preview of the future of industrial training.

You’ll learn about:
  • The best uses of webcast and simulcast training formats
  • The advantages of blended online and live training
  • Virtual reality (VR) training environments, including an exclusive sneak peek inside a VR simulation

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    This course introduces the physics of energy, work, and power in relation to mechanics. It introduces simple machines and their application. It describes linear actuators, mechanical clutches and brakes, anti-friction bearings, gears and gear terminology, belt and chain drives, and mechanical couplings, including their principles of operation and applications.

    TPC Training Systems is authorized by IACET to offer 0.3 CEUs for this program.

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    Lesson 1 - Fundamentals of Mechanics

    Introduce the basic physics of energy, work, and power in relation to mechanics. Also discusses simple machines and their application.


    Course Introduction, Applied Physics, Force & Motion, Work, Torque, Power, Horsepower

    Lesson 2 - Mechanical Actuators

    Describes the types of linear actuators, their function, and their application. Also discusses the formulas for calculating load and torque in relation to linear actuators.


    Course Introduction, Actuators, Jack Screws, Machine Screw, Ball Screw, Slider Crank, Rack & Pinion

    Lesson 3 - Mechanical Clutches

    Describes the types of mechanical clutches, principles of operation, and applications.


    Course Introduction, Introduction to Clutches, Clutch Types, Friction/Disc, Spring, Sprag, Roller Ramp, Electromagnetic

    Lesson 4 - Mechanical Brakes

    Explores the types of mechanical brakes, their operation, and application.


    Course Introduction, Introduction to Brakes, Brake Types, Friction/Disc, Band, Drum, Electromagnetic

    Lesson 5 - Bearings

    Discusses the various types of anti-friction bearings. Goes on to explain bearing terminology and application.


    Course Introduction, Introduction to Bearings, Applications, Terminology, Bearing Types, Ball Bearing, Roller Bearing, Thrust Bearing, Cylindrical Roller, Needle Roller, Spherical Roller

    Lesson 6 - Gears

    Explains gear terminology, the various types of gears, and the application of gear box drives.


    Course Introduction, Gear Fundamentals, Applications, Terminology, Gear Boxes, Gear Types, Spur, Helical, Bevel, Hypoid, Worm

    Lesson 7 - Belt and Chain Drives

    Introduces the various types of belt and chain drives. Course further explains terminology and applications for belt and chain drives.


    Course Introduction, V-Belts, Description of Operation, Terminology, Synchronous Belts, Functional Description, Terminology, Chain Drives (Same module as V-Belt Terminology)

    Lesson 8 - Mechanical Couplings

    Explores the different types of mechanical couplings, their principles of operation, and applications.


    Course Introduction, Coupling Types, Rigid, Flexible, Gear, Chain, Metal-Disc, Metal Beam, Elastomeric Jaw, Elastomeric Shear Tire, Universal Joints

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