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Multiple-Machine Procedures

Multiple-Machine Procedures

Previous courses have dealt largely with the operation of two major machine tools, the lathe and the milling machine. This course picks up some of the other machines found in a machine shop, some of which may be used infrequently, but which nevertheless require specific skills to operate. In most cases, simple projects are described to give trainees experience working with these machines. This course has no prerequisites. Multiple-Machine Procedures is available in online maintenance training and course manual formats.

TPC Training is authorized by IACET to offer 0.5 CEUs for this program.

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Lesson 1 - Power Sawing


Power hacksaw; Vertical and horizontal bandsaw; Band installation; Setup; Making the cut; Safety; Filing; Internal cutting; Welding the band

Learning Objectives:
– List the three main types of power saws commonly used in maintenance machine shops and describe their appropriate uses.
– Explain the primary difference between a hacksaw and a bandsaw.
– Demonstrate how to install the band on a horizontal bandsaw.
– Demonstrate how to set up a workpiece and make a cut on a horzontal bandsaw.
– Describe the safety precautions to be taken when working with a vertical bandsaw.
– Explain how to make an internal cut using the vertical bandsaw.
– Demonstrate how to reweld the band of a vertical bandsaw.

Lesson 2 - Drilling Operations


Drill press types and components; Sample drill press project-preparation, drilling corner, mounting, dowel holes, sawing out the center

Learning Objectives:
– Name three types of drilling machines in common machine shop use.
– List the main features of a sensitive drill press.
– Describe the factors used to select the best drill for a given job.
– Describe correct, safe practices for changing drill bits.
– Explain how to achieve the most efficient order of drill press operations.
– Demonstrate how to set a workpiece perfectly level on a drill press table.
– Demonstrate how to select the correct speeds and feed rates for a drill press.

Lesson 3 - Operating a Horizontal Shaper


Shaping machines; Shaper tables; Tool head and clapper box; Cutting tools; Work-holding devices; Sample project; Shaping slants and slots

Learning Objectives:
– List four specific uses for a horizontal shaper.
– Describe the safety precautions to be taken when working with or around a shaper.
– Demonstrate how to mount a block-shaped workpiece in a shaper vise.
– Explain how to calculate and set the proper stroke rate on a shaper.
– Demonstrate how to set length of stroke and correctly position the ram over the workpiece.
– Demonstrate how to indicate-in on a horizontal shaper.

Lesson 4 - Grinding Operations


Surface grinder; Preparation; Grinding basic flat, parallel surfaces; Cylindrical grinder; Grinding parallel diameters and square shoulders

Learning Objectives:
– Explain the purpose of a surface grinder
– Demonstrate how to dress and true a grinding wheel.
– Demonstrate how to set up a workpiece on a surface grinder, and grind its surfaces to specified dimensions.
– Explain the purpose of a cylindrical grinder.
– Demonstrate how to set up a workpiece between centers on a cylindrical grinder.
– Describe the processes of traverse grinding, plunge grinding, and bumping the shoulder.
– Calculate the rpm settings for the wheel of a cylindrical grinder and for the workpiece, given the sfpm.
– Describe safety procedures for both types of grinders.

Lesson 5 - Boring Mill Operations


Horizontal boring mill types; Boring tools and cutters; Setup and alignment; Holding the workpiece; Trial cut; Mill operations

Learning Objectives:
– Describe three different types of horizontal boring mills.
– Explain the purpose of a rotary table, a line boring bar, slot blocks, a drawbolt, and a continuous-feed (cross-slide) head.
– Explain how a boring bar is aligned on center of an existing hole in the workpiece.
– Describe how a facing operation works on a horizontal boring mill.

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