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Basic Pump Maintenance: Keeping a problem from happening in the first place

On the surface, pumps seem like pretty simple things. But combining electrical and mechanical operations to move water from one place to another is complex and can be rife with problems. In this free 1 hour webinar, instructor Wade Heisler helps take some of the mystery out of basic pump maintenance. We'll discuss maintenance strategies and techniques to help keep pumps from failing in the first place.

Signaling for Mobile & Overhead Cranes

Signaling for Mobile & Overhead Cranes

Prepares personnel to work with and around mobile and overhead cranes. Contents include communication and signaling, and crane dynamics and operations.

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Lesson 1: Crane Operations


Crane Types; Crane Parts; Basic Commands; Crane Capacities & Cautions; Protective Devices & Cautions; Protective Devices & Cautions; Additional Responsibilities; Crane Operations Practice


– Become familiarized with best practices when working with a crane operator.
– Outline proper vocabulary of cranes and crane operators.
– Identify a roles and responsibilities in relation to the crane operator.

Lesson 2: Knots, Hitches & Taglines


Overview; Basic Knots; Bowline; Square Knot; Sheet Bend; Basic Hitches; Timber Hitch; Clove Hitch; Double Half Hitch; Taglines;


– Identify different knot types and best practices for use.
– Identify different types of hitches and their applications.
– List the proper terminology concerning knots, hitches, and taglines.
– Understand what to look for to determine if a rigging configuration is appropriate.

Lesson 3: Hand Signals


Crane Operator’s Point-of-View; Basic Hand Signals; Moving the Crane; Tips and Cautions; Special Cases; Practice Hand Signals


– Communicate with a crane operator using hand signals.
– Understand hand signals as a tagline operator.
– Become efficient and effective at giving hand signals.

Lesson 4: Voice Signals


Guidelines; Delivery; Primary Elements; Moving the Load; the Blind Pick; Voice Signals Practice


– Identify basic voice signals.
– Give voice signals efficiently and effectively.
– Understand the responsibilities of a signaler.

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