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Signaling for Mobile & Overhead Cranes

Signaling for Mobile & Overhead Cranes

Prepares personnel to work with and around mobile and overhead cranes. Contents include communication and signaling, and crane dynamics and operations.

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Lesson 1: Crane Operations


Crane Types; Crane Parts; Basic Commands; Crane Capacities & Cautions; Protective Devices & Cautions; Protective Devices & Cautions; Additional Responsibilities; Crane Operations Practice


– Become familiarized with best practices when working with a crane operator.
– Outline proper vocabulary of cranes and crane operators.
– Identify a roles and responsibilities in relation to the crane operator.

Lesson 2: Knots, Hitches & Taglines


Overview; Basic Knots; Bowline; Square Knot; Sheet Bend; Basic Hitches; Timber Hitch; Clove Hitch; Double Half Hitch; Taglines;


– Identify different knot types and best practices for use.
– Identify different types of hitches and their applications.
– List the proper terminology concerning knots, hitches, and taglines.
– Understand what to look for to determine if a rigging configuration is appropriate.

Lesson 3: Hand Signals


Crane Operator’s Point-of-View; Basic Hand Signals; Moving the Crane; Tips and Cautions; Special Cases; Practice Hand Signals


– Communicate with a crane operator using hand signals.
– Understand hand signals as a tagline operator.
– Become efficient and effective at giving hand signals.

Lesson 4: Voice Signals


Guidelines; Delivery; Primary Elements; Moving the Load; the Blind Pick; Voice Signals Practice


– Identify basic voice signals.
– Give voice signals efficiently and effectively.
– Understand the responsibilities of a signaler.

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