TPC Operate delivers proven results for faster on-boarding and sustained on-the-job performance.

Buffalo Grove, IL – February 22nd, 2018 – TPC Training, the leader in industrial skill training, recently introduced its new operator training solution, TPC Operate. The new performance support platform addresses important gaps in worker training by delivering operator-specific training and troubleshooting content at the time of need. TPC Operate’s mobile platform distributes critical operator training and troubleshooting information while workers are engaged on-the-job resulting in sustained performance and technical skills effectiveness.

TPC Operate solves critical gaps in workforce training by providing ongoing workforce support. Its mobile platform, delivered in iOS for the iPad, makes it possible for TPC Training to engage workers in point-of-need training and troubleshooting helping workers apply classroom concepts to on-the-job tasks. With TPC Operate, training reinforcement occurs on a consistent bases which actively promotes a critical step in technical skills knowledge retention.

TPC Operate helps organizations with:

• Faster on-boarding of new hires with hands-on operator training
• Reduced downtime with just-in-time troubleshooting
• Improved application of skills training to machine operations
• Effective knowledge transfer from turnover workers
• Better performance through reduced downtime
• Improved safety through moment-of-need delivery of safety requirements

“Our commitment to being the total training solution means we have the tools to address every stage of a worker's development, from fundamentals to specialized applications,” said Derek Dunaway, CEO TPC Training. “

TPC Operate runs on a updatebale mobile platform making it fully customizable to the specific machinery and components running different industrial facilities. The platform also comes loaded with content-heavy searchable library of videos, animations, and descriptions of over 800+ machine components. Even more importantly, it also captures institutional knowledge that normally departs with skilled workers at turnover or retirement. With TPC Operate, each worker can now access interactive process information to frame a clear picture on how each machine is run and maintained.

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