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  • Instrumentation/Control Systems Technician

The recommended curriculum for Instrumentation/Control Systems Technician includes 59 technical skills courses. Each course contains 5-12 detailed, topic-specific lessons for a total of 446 lessons in this curriculum. The subject matter ranges from maintenance fundamentals required by an entry-level technician to working with programmable logic controllers. 

Click on any of the courses to view the lessons in the course, topics covered, and specific learning objectives.


AC Control Equipment

The AC Control Equipment electrical training course covers the broad range of industrial motor starting and...



Covers the effects of gain, bandwidth, and distortion on amplifier performance. The course compares linear...


Analytical Instrumentation

The Analytical Instrumentation course covers principles, installation, calibration, and maintenance of conductivity probes, and methods...


Basic Hydraulics Training Course

The Basic Hydraulics training course covers hydraulic principles of mechanical maintenance, types of hydraulic fluids...


Basic Mechanics

This Basic Mechanics, mechanical maintenance, training course covers force and motion, work and energy, and...


Basic Online Electronics & Electricity Course

Basic Electricity and Electronics online training covers basic, non-mathematical approach to understanding principles of electricity....


Basic Pneumatics

The Basic Pneumatics online training course covers how work, force, and energy are applied to...


Batteries and DC Circuits

The Batteries and DC Circuits online electrical course course covers how electrochemical action is used. Covers...



The Bearings mechanical maintenance training course covers principles and applications of various types of bearings, including...