Webinar on OSHA Violations

Life after an OSHA Citation: Turning a Black Mark into a Better Workplace

OSHA citations happen: the agency conducted 35,000 inspections in 2015 and cited 65,000 violations for a range of common hazards. The facilities that come back strongest from a citation are the ones that go beyond hazard correction to establish a culture of safe work practices.

  • Track Progress

TPC makes it easy to identify and fill the technical skill gaps in your workforce and measure the outcomes Customized reporting tools measure training progress across multiple facilities and job functions.

Built-in Reporting

TPC Online provides a built-in report viewer to allow administrators to view generated reports. The report viewer contains a document map that allows you to jump directly to a particular location or person within the report. The report viewer also allows you to export the reports to a number of common formats including Acrobat, delimited data files, XML, and others. Look for a single user’s activity report or run a report to see the aggregate responses to a test. You can do it all with the simple click of a button and since the reports are run in real time you’ll always have the most current information.

What reports are available online:
– Group Activity Report
– Course Starts and Completes Report
– Assessment Section Score Report
– Response Analysis Report
– Active Login Report
– Login Summary Report
– Historical Login Activity Report

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