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DOT HAZMAT Safety Training

DOT HAZMAT Safety Training

Created specifically for the Department of Transportation's HAZMAT training regulation on Handling and Transporting Hazardous Materials, these products provide the Safety Training required by the regulation. (While these products can be used by themselves, they can also be used as companion products to TPC Training Systems' DOT HAZMAT General Awareness products).

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  • Online Course $19.95
  • Booklets $18.75
  • Video (DVD) $229.00
  • Kit (DVD) $329.00
  • CD $495.00
  • Poster $12.95

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TPC Training Systems is authorized by IACET to offer 0.1 CEUs for this program.

TPC Training Systems' online and safety video training on DOT HAZMAT Safety Training focus on employees who handle hazardous materials. These products make employees aware of the hazards associated with the materials they handle... and show them how to secure and work with these materials safely.

Topics covered in this industrial safety course include:

– The regulation itself.
– Hazardous materials that employees may encounter.
– Hazard indicators, such as labels, shipping papers and placards.
– The use of personal protective equipment.
– Proper handling procedures, and methods and procedures for avoiding accidents.
– Accidents/emergencies involving hazardous materials.
– Spills and cleanup procedures.
– Security risks and terrorism.

If you require Spanish language or VHS formats of our DOT HAZMAT Safety Training dvd, please contact your TPC Account Manager at 800.837.8872.

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