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  • Online Industrial Safety Training

TPC Training's online industrial safety training courses contain 140+ topics
and are designed to train your employees on essential safety procedures.

Our online safety course library is unmatched for coverage of industrial environments. In addition to helping you maintain regulatory compliance, safety training helps maintain employee morale, well-being
and improve productivity.
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Improving performance & productivity with
Online Safety Training

TPC's online training promotes safety working procedures throughout different facility environments with content that employees need to work better and safer.

OSHA 10 hour
Online Safety Training

The OSHA10 hour safety training program of training courses delivers essential safety courses online, featuring every required course for OSHA 10 Hour Training.

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OSHA 30 hour
Online Safety Training

OSHA 30 hour safety training with TPC Online helps your team stay on the job with self-paced online learning to ensure compliance with OSHA safety standards.

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Use the following industrial safety training course directory to locate course topics
relevant to your workforce

General Safety and Health
Regulatory Compliance
Laboratory Safety
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"TPC Online™ courses have provided us a means for an aggressive 24 – 7 training plan, delivering all of the foundational technical skills our maintenance workforce needs in both the interactive web-based and matching student course manuals."

Artie L.
Skills Program Director, 
Pratt Industries