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  • Adaptive Online English Language Training

Ensure a Common Standard of English Proficiency in your Facility Our technical English language training program, developed by Kaplan International Tools for English (KITE), can help identify technical language skill gaps, improve hiring and placement, and improve facility safety and productivity.

E-learning ESL Training Available by 3rd Quarter, 2017

Adaptive Language Assessment & Training

TPC Training is pleased to partner with Kaplan, the global leader in English language training, to deliver a first-of-its-kind language assessment and training tool to meet the needs of an international technical workforce.

Features include:

Adaptive assessment that identifies the specific needs of each learner Prescriptive reporting that pinpoints the right training path
Cumulative profiling to track the learner’s progress over time Globally accepted CEFR and EAQUALS standards for language proficiency

Language Training Customized to Each Learner

KITE assessments generate personalized recommendations for each test taker and each recommendation is linked with a specific KITE learning module.

Creating Your Learning Plan:

KITE generates a learning plan based on assessment results. Each module in the learning plan targets specific skill recommendations.
Modules include interactive learn, practice, and quiz sections. Content can be customized for a particular company or industry.
Practical Language Activities allow learners to take their skills into the real world. The quiz section checks learner progress before they move on to a new module.
Industrial Maintenance Skills Training

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