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Basic Pump Maintenance: Keeping a problem from happening in the first place

On the surface, pumps seem like pretty simple things. But combining electrical and mechanical operations to move water from one place to another is complex and can be rife with problems. In this free 1 hour webinar, instructor Wade Heisler helps take some of the mystery out of basic pump maintenance. We'll discuss maintenance strategies and techniques to help keep pumps from failing in the first place.

  • TPC iSchematic Process Mapping

Industrial Process Mapping Evolved

iSchematic is the next evolution of process and system mapping for industrial and commercial facilities, placing every operation, task, and machine event at the fingertips of every worker.

By process mapping and maintaining critical system information on an interactive, mobile, updateable platform, iSchematic delivers proven results for reduced downtime, rapid on-boarding, and more efficient facility operations.

TPC's process mapping software delivers critical system information on an interactive, mobile, updateable interface, replacing static, inaccessible, outdated printed materials.

The results of iSchematic's process mapping are:

• Reduced downtime through faster troubleshooting
• Faster onboarding through on-the-spot training
• More efficient facility operations through better information-sharing

TPC iSchematic features:

Each iSchematic implementation is fully customized to the needs of each client.

The Core Components Consist of:

Client Portal: Secure access to a web-based, mobile-compatible directory that maps
your facility’s processes, systems, and machines. The process mapping platform outlines to individual tasks or events, delivered as modules.

Process and System Modules: Our patented process mapping platform converts static documentation to interactive sequences of system and process events, allowing your workers to drill into specifications or components, with detailed descriptions, animations, and images. Any instruction or component information can become part of a module.

Resource Library: This searchable library contains videos, animations, descriptions, and symbols for more than 200 machine components. You can add your own unique system mapping content to the library and customize its output.

Administrative System Mapping Tools: Ability to manage permissions and notifications, make and manage system updates, and download process mapping content.

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