TPC Operate Can Help Your Team Be Master Machine Operators

TPC Operate is a troubleshooting and on-the-job training platform that serves as a central hub for the schematics of your company’s machines and processes. The application brings the critical information machine operators and technicians need to easily access a user-friendly interface maintained on a secure web-based platform.

With TPC Operate, the schematics for machine processes are displayed interactively. Elements are overlaid on each component to provide users the information they need for on-the-job training and troubleshooting at their fingertips.

On-the-job training becomes streamlined and standardized, providing mentors and new staff trainers singular documentation of machines and processes. Companies who adopt TPC Operate benefit from housing necessary operating specifications in one place, setting the standard for best practices and reducing the reliance on “tribal knowledge.” Use TPC Operate to strengthen knowledge once workers leave the classroom, and for training across shifts, locations, departments, and skill levels – training is more consistent, technicians onboard faster, and new hires are qualified to work more efficiently.

Easily accessible, navigable, and color-coded schematics allow operators to troubleshoot problems immediately, and eliminates the need to follow pipes or wires to locate where a breakdown occurred. TPC Operate solves problems, and reduces downtime by providing access to a “shortlist” of components to troubleshoot and empowering technicians to take immediate action to fix it—it even identifies exact part numbers for quick replacement.

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How does TPC Operate work?


TPC subject matter experts and production technicians come to your company’s facility to collect detailed information on the machine or process. That means every valve, gauge, solenoid, electrical relay, circuit breaker, and switch are accounted for, along with their manufacturer, part numbers, pictures, operational descriptions, spec sheets, and settings. Then, TPC creates a customized, interactive collection of schematics, with multiple levels of functionality designed to allow for quick access to needed information.

TPC delivers the TPC Operate module for your designated machines along with integration training for your technicians and operators to use the module to increase knowledge transfer, conduct efficient on-the-job training, and troubleshoot more effectively.

TPC Operate is perfect for your company’s machines and processes requiring on-the-job training and/or troubleshooting, including:

• Hydraulic
• Pneumatic
• Electrical
• Cooling or Process Water
• Chemicals or Other Fluids

TPC Operate delivers a customized and centralized interactive platform with best-in-class machine operator training features for troubleshooting and-on-the-job training for

• Faster onboarding and improved application of new hires with hands-on, content-rich training using a variety of learning styles and interactive functionality
• Streamlined and accurate knowledge transfer through cohesive and consistent delivery of machine training information
• Reduced downtime with more effective and streamlined troubleshooting
• Improved safety through timely and precise delivery of machine-specific safety requirements

TPC Operate is for you if…

• Troubleshooting your machines and processes is loosely structured, poorly documented, or not documented at all
• Your facility relies on a small collection of experienced technicians to troubleshoot your machines
• Your company faces high costs due to machine downtime
• Machine schematics are missing, in poor shape, or difficult to access
• Workers need more post-classroom training to increase knowledge transfer

The Results – By the Numbers

In just 4 months, a major Saudi steel manufacturer reported positive ROI by deploying 38 TPC Operate modules for facility-wide machine training.
A 47% reduction in downtime in their mill bending systems at Nucor Steel after the implementation of TPC Operate, thanks to more accessible and accurate sequence descriptions.

Halliburton reported a 41% reduction in lost hours over 1.5 million work hours by deploying TPC Operate as a maintenance management tool.
When you adopt and integrate TPC Operate to streamline your workforce training management, you experience peace of mind knowing you are providing your workforce with more than just training; you are improving their livelihood by advancing their careers, which increases retention, expedites knowledge transfer, and enhances performance and engagement—ultimately, leading to the overall success of your company.


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