Organizing an ongoing skills training program is a smart decision for any company looking to help their employees meet business goals. However, how will you know that training your workforce has been or will be effective? The following 5 tips are designed to help facilities begin preparing, implementing and measuring the performance of a goal-oriented training program.

    What are your goals for implementing an industrial skills training program?
      • Understanding what your goals are before training will help you set-up specific benchmarks for
        your facility’s improvement. Is training needed for:
        • Increased production/ quality?
        • Reduction in equipment downtime?
        • Meeting safety standards/ requirements?
        • Establishing a workforce cross-training or apprenticeship program?
        • Boosting employee empowerment and morale?

      • How is your workforce currently performing?
      • Recording and measuring current workforce performance levels will be important in determining
        if you have met your goals of the training program by measuring increases in your planned objectives.

      • Implement a success-measurement process.
      • Calculate the worth of the training program in terms of costs and increased revenues.
      • Make sure to include the total training cost in your calculations:
        • Price of training materials.
        • Employee and trainer time investment.
        • Development of the training infrastructure.

      • Assess the program for future improvement.
      • Was/ were the chosen training medium(s) successfully delivered?
      • Which methods were received well? Which ones lacked effectiveness?
      • Were there any positive or negative unplanned outcomes?
      • What are the business’s next steps?

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