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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

Protecting Workers Against Chemical Exposures

Posted by Jenn | 02.25.21

According to OSHA, over 32 million workers (approximately 20 percent of the national workforce) are regularly exposed to chemical hazards in the workplace.  Accidental exposure to hazardous chemicals causes a...

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Asbestos Hazards and Awareness Safety in the Workplace

Posted by Jenn | 05.23.19

Asbestos is an umbrella term describing six natural fibrous materials, all of which are mined. For years, asbestos was praised as a miracle material due to its strength, flexibility, electrical...

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TPC Training Strengthens Its Safety Training Solutions with the Acquisition of National Environmental Trainers

Posted by Evan | 11.06.18

The leading provider of online HAZWOPER safety training is now part of the TPC Training suite of training solutions. TPC Training, the leader in online and instructor-led industrial skills and...

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HAZWOPER Training Levels

Posted by Christine | 10.16.18

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