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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

Protecting Workers Against Chemical Exposures

Posted by John | 04.30.19

Protecting Workers Against Chemical Exposures According to OSHA, over 32 million workers (approximately 20 percent of the national workforce) are regularly exposed to chemical hazards in the workplace.  Accidental exposure...

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Staying Safe and Avoiding Electrical Hazards

Posted by John | 04.23.19

The ubiquitous nature of electricity sometimes causes people to neglect electrical safety hazards. People are so used to instant, safe access to electricity they forget just how powerful electrical energy...

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Heat Illness Prevention

Posted by John | 04.16.19

Heat Illness Prevention and Training. Heat illness makes thousands of employees sick every year: 2015 saw 2,830 non-fatal occupational heat illness injuries, with 37 cases of heat-related employee deaths, according...

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What are Approach Boundaries?

Posted by John | 02.06.19

Arc flash describes a dangerous event which occurs when electric current leaves its intended path and arcs through the air until making contact with another conductor or the ground. The...

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Hierarchy of Control Measures

Posted by John | 02.05.19

Effective hazard control methods reduce workplace injuries and illness and generally make the workplace safer. The types of control measures used vary widely depending on circumstance or need, and are...

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Common Electrical Hazards

Posted by John | 01.22.19

Electricity is a powerful force, and it’s no surprise that electrical safety usually comes up in conversation when work safety topics are discussed. An electrical hazard is one of the...

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