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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

Introduction to Building Automation Systems

Posted by John | 03.26.19

Building Automation System training offers opportunity to implement energy management systems that monitor and respond to a commercial building’s energy needs. A building control system reduces heating and air conditioning...

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Chilled Water System Maintenance Tips

Posted by John | 03.13.19

How Does a Chilled Water System Work? Chilled water systems remove heat from buildings by transferring heat from the air into cold water forced through piping. The water circulates through...

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How to Improve Workplace Air Quality

Posted by John | 03.05.19

Poor air quality at work affects employee health and comfort, driving down productivity while increasing sick days and health costs. As far back as 1989 the EPA reported good air...

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Employer Air Quality Standards

Posted by John | 02.12.19

The OSH Act requires employers provide a safe work environment free from known hazards. This includes maintaining indoor air quality, which may be contaminated by dust, mold, industrial chemicals, and...

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8 Common Concerns with Commercial HVAC Systems

Posted by John | 08.01.18

Commercial HVAC systems make up a large portion of a building’s energy demands and need regular maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. Even with the best care, your HVAC system...

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HVAC Challenges in Historical Buildings

Posted by John | 10.17.17

Installing or upgrading HVAC for historic buildings is a complicated—and sometimes nerve-wracking—process. As the HVAC installer, you have two responsibilities that can sometimes clash. You have to provide a system...

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