TPC’s technical skills training in electrical, mechanical, HVAC, plant management and workplace safety are unmatched, but with the addition of online, instructor-led, and simulation-based training courses from Paulson Training, TPC customers will get access to new training offerings for the plastics industry.

Paulson’s plastics industry training has deep roots; Paulson’s expertise spans nearly 50 years. Founder Donald C Thompson was inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame in 2021 for his decades of innovation and training excellence, including extensive research into how exactly specific variables inside the mold – temperature, flow rate, pressure, and cooling – impact the properties of the molded part. Over 50,000 plastics professionals have relied on Paulson for their training needs since 1980.

The addition of Paulson’s library of plastics training to Certus’s line-up of technical, industrial courses will improve the training experience for TPC clients. Paulson’s plastics training has “revolutionized their industry,” according to Holly Falcaro, Executive VP at Certus.

In addition to training courses that enhance operations at plastics companies, Simtech, Paulson’s simulation-based training, will be available as a new offering to TPC customers with additional support from Certus Brands. These proven and flexible offerings are the perfect match for TPC’s library of training, performance, and compliance courses and offerings.

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