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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

Top 8 reasons why maintenance training improves facility safety

Posted by Jess | 01.25.22

Here's our list of the top reasons your entire team should be attending the same maintenance training. Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments! 8. Standardizes best...

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How Often Should You Provide Ongoing Training to Your Employees?

Posted by Jenn | 03.23.21

Companies that value well-trained employees often have ongoing training programs in place. Ongoing does not mean continuous, so how often should you provide ongoing training to employees? Training new hires...

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Four Benefits of Private Group Training

Posted by Jenn | 03.08.21

Training your employees provides multiple advantages. Regular training helps ensure your staff are applying the latest information and best practices to their work, improving your overall productivity and compliance rates....

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Why In-Person Trainings Work

Posted by Jenn | 03.17.20

Despite all the advances in online training, in-person training remains the most efficient way of teaching employees the skills they need to excel in their job. Off-site in-person training is...

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Benefits of Classroom Learning vs Online Learning

Posted by Jenn | 10.14.19

Classroom learning, long the only option for employee training, is now increasingly replaced by online learning. Each system has its own pros and cons–which is why TPC Training offers both...

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Employee Training: Tips to Maximize Knowledge Retention

Posted by John | 08.27.18

In 1885, German psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus created a mathematical model that demonstrates how quickly people forget new information. Called the “forgetting curve,” Ebbinghaus’s model indicates people lose roughly seventy percent...

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