Classroom learning, long the only option for employee training, is now increasingly replaced by online learning. Each system has its own pros and cons–which is why TPC Training offers both in-person and online instruction. As for which is best for your company and your employees, that depends very much on the type of course being offered, how to best schedule training, and your personal preferences.

In-Person Instruction

Live training brings students into direct contact with their instructor, either at off-site classrooms or on-site at your workplace. Live training is ideal for hands-on learning, especially during on-site training, where the instructor can customize the class to match your company’s equipment and procedures. 

Virtual, Instructor-Led Training

When considering the benefits of classroom learning vs. online learning, people often assume classroom instruction is superior. This simply isn’t the case at TPC Training. All of our instructors are highly skilled leaders in their fields, with years of both practical and teaching experience. 

Virtual, instructor-led training allows instructors to interact with students through real time video conferencing and learning management systems capable of tracking each student’s progress, just as in a traditional classroom-based scenario. Both classroom and online learning offer opportunities for individualized instruction. Throughout the course, instructors sample the class through surveys, pop quizzes, and discussion to determine student capabilities and knowledge, adapting the course as needed. In this manner, instructors can customize the class, isolating areas where skill sets are lacking, and provide the best quality instruction. 

Self-Guided Online Modules

Self-guided online learning modules provide training on demand, making them ideal for employees with busy schedules. A self-guided module library can contain thousands of technical and industrial safety courses including articles, videos, and self-administered tests. Employee progression through self-directed online modules is tracked by a learning management system, which can generate reports on student progress and identify employee skill gaps. 

Classroom Learning vs. Online Learning

Taking a customized approach to course work isn’t a “classroom vs. online” dynamic--it’s the difference between a well-trained instructor and one who simply sticks to the course outline without considering student needs. 

If you’re weighing the benefits of classroom learning vs. online learning and are uncertain which mode is right for you, ask the professionals. Contact TPC Training and we’ll help you choose the style of training best suited for your employees and your workspace. Whether you need online training, classroom instruction, or self-guided learning modules, our skilled instructors will provide your employees with the skills they need to perform their jobs safely and effectively. 


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