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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

How to Read an Electrical Schematic Drawing

Posted by Jenn | 11.10.20

Learning how to read an electrical schematic drawing is an important skill for maintenance workers and managers even if they aren’t licensed electricians. Understanding schematic drawings helps identify faulty components,...

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Generator Safety Tips

Posted by Jenn | 10.08.20

A portable generator is used to produce electricity when temporary or remote power is required. Often used on construction sites or to power facilities during power outages or disasters, portable...

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Steps to Complete an Arc Flash Analysis

Posted by Jenn | 10.01.20

While electrical injuries as not as common as other job-related injuries, they are disproportionately dangerous, especially in the case of arc flash incidents. Approximately 2,000 American workers receive burns from...

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TPC Training Acquires Simutech Multimedia

Posted by Jenn | 08.04.20

TPC Training, the leader in workforce training, performance, and compliance solutions announced today the acquisition of Simutech Multimedia, a provider of simulation-based training for maintenance and operations professionals across a...

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How Much Do You Know About Electrical Safety? Take Our OSHA Quiz and Find Out

Posted by Jenn | 08.30.19

Electrical safety is an important consideration no matter where you work--every work environment relies on electrical power to function. By extension, this means every employee who comes into contact with...

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Low Voltage Technician Training

Posted by John | 04.23.19

Electrical safety training is as important for employees who work with low voltage systems as it is for those operating at higher voltages. Myths and misconceptions about low voltage safety,...

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