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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

How to Calculate Pump Efficiency

Posted by Jenn | 05.11.21

Pump efficiency refers to how effectively a pump can convert one form of energy to another based on the difference between horsepower going into and out of a pump. On...

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Types of Pumps and Their Applications

Posted by Jenn | 01.29.21

For a machine designed for a simple purpose — to move liquids from one location to another — pumps come in a surprisingly wide assortment of types, each designed with...

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What is motor pump alignment? (and why it's important to train your employees on it)

Posted by John | 08.22.18

Proper motor pump alignment helps ensure your equipment has longer life spans while requiring fewer repairs and costly downtime. Here we’ll explain what motor/pump alignment is, why it’s so important,...

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Three Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Water Pump System

Posted by John | 09.19.16

Water pump systems don’t last forever and eventually they need to be replaced with newer, more efficient models. Understandably, many building supervisors and facility managers try to eke as much...

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