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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

5 Easy Ways to Improve Compliance at Construction Sites

Posted by Jenn | 08.08.19

Communication--or rather delayed communication-- is one of the main obstacles to construction compliance. A lack of communication can result in employees performing tasks in violation of OSHA standards, taking on...

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Wildfire Workplace Preparedness

Posted by John | 04.09.19

Workplace emergency preparedness must cover a wide range of potential threats, from daily hazards to natural disasters. Wildfires are particularly dangerous events, capable of causing widespread property damage, injury, and...

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Employer Air Quality Standards

Posted by John | 02.12.19

The OSH Act requires employers provide a safe work environment free from known hazards. This includes maintaining indoor air quality, which may be contaminated by dust, mold, industrial chemicals, and...

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Preventative and Corrective Maintenance Levels

Posted by John | 09.05.18

Corrective and preventative maintenance are often classified by levels of complexity, with each level indicating the need for more specialized training to successfully complete procedures, diagnostics, and repairs. The ability...

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Improving Employee Engagement and Performance

Posted by John | 08.29.18

Employee engagement and performance are inseparable. Without high employee engagement, performance and productivity plummet. Employees with low engagement have lower morale and are more likely to seek—and find—new work. Financial...

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Employee Training: Tips to Maximize Knowledge Retention

Posted by John | 08.27.18

In 1885, German psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus created a mathematical model that demonstrates how quickly people forget new information. Called the “forgetting curve,” Ebbinghaus’s model indicates people lose roughly seventy percent...

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