Four Benefits of Private Group Training

Training your employees provides multiple advantages. Regular training helps ensure your staff are applying the latest information and best practices to their work, improving your overall productivity and compliance rates. Employees who receive regular, relevant career development feel valued by their employers, and are more likely to remain with the company over the long term. 

Private group training is one of the best ways to achieve all these goals. Private group training benefits include convenience, cost-efficiency, and a chance to customize course instruction to reflect the realities of your workplace. 

Below are the four most important private group training benefits.

Live Instructors

Access to an experienced, live instructor is a more effective teaching tool than book-based training or e-learning. Face-to-face interactions with instructors increase positive training outcomes and allow the instructor opportunities to evaluate student progress in real-time. Look for instructors who possess an abundance of experience both in teaching and their chosen industry. 

Customizable Hands-On Training

Access to your own equipment for training is one of the most valuable private group training benefits. Onsite instructors have the opportunity to tailor the course to focus on your equipment and worksite. 

By necessity, offsite training has to provide general instruction so students can apply their learning to a wide range of equipment or situation. Private group training, in contrast, can zero in on your worksite’s specific challenges, providing employees with highly targeted instruction and immediately addressing your employee’s worksite-relevant concerns and questions. 


Offsite training requires involved scheduling and loss of production. Not only do you have to schedule time off work for the actual training, but you also lose your staff due to travel time. Presuming a three-day course with a day to travel to the course and another back to work, you’ve lost an entire workweek.

With private group training, you lose a minimum of work hours. No travel is involved, and should a critical issue arises, your staff are still onsite. Schedule onsite training to coincide with necessary downtime or other meetings, and you lose even less work time. 


No list of private group training benefits would be complete without considering costs. Travel expenses for offsite training are high, especially when air travel is required. Paying for the transportation and accommodation of employees can cost a company thousands of dollars for even a small group–send a few dozen employees away for training and the cost can quickly soar to over $10,000, not counting the cost of the actual course or the loss of productivity during training. Private group training avoids such travel costs. 

Four benefits of private group training infographic - live instructors, customization, convenience, and cost-efficient

Private group training offers other savings. Training a group of employees at one time is generally cheaper than sending individual employees for training over time. 

Explore TPC Training’s catalog of private group courses and seminars. Our skilled instructors have decades of practical experience in their fields, combined with formal instruction training. They provide employees with the skills and information needed to safely perform their jobs at optimum levels. You get the highly trained employees you need, while they get the skills necessary to advance their careers. 


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