Despite all the advances in online training, in-person training remains the most efficient way of teaching employees the skills they need to excel in their job. Off-site in-person training is expensive, however. In addition to the cost of the actual training, businesses must cover expenses related to employee travel and accommodation, to say nothing of lost productivity. 

TPC Training understands the importance of in-person training, and the financial costs of off-site seminars. That’s why we offer our on-site in-person training courses, which bring experienced training professionals directly to your facility. How does this benefit you? We’re glad you asked.

Convenience and Location

In-person training allows employers the opportunity to get training to employees in a timely fashion. The logistics of off-site training are often daunting. It can take weeks to arrange travel times, and you can lose up to a week of productivity depending on how long employees are away from work. 

With in-person training, these problems simply don’t exist. You only need to carve out time for employees to attend training, not travel time. You can choose who attends training, and have the flexibility to make last-minute changes to who receives training. If you need an employee for an emergency, they’re right there. If an employee who wasn’t registered expresses an interest in attending the seminar, they can do so. You benefit from a flexibility off-site training lacks. 

Privacy Concerns

Off-site training usually includes students from multiple facilities. In such situations, you can’t delve into sensitive issues that might give your competitors an edge, even if you really want to. Do you want your rivals gaining insight into, say, your groundbreaking Plant Management methodology?

In-house training makes it possible to candidly discuss proprietary or sensitive information without worrying about privacy leaks. As a result, you can discuss issues unique to your facility. Speaking of which . . . .

Tailoring In-Person Training to Meet Your Needs

Because an off-site seminar may include people from multiple facilities, each working with different equipment, instructors cannot take a deep dive into specifics. One of the great advantages of in-person training from TPC Training is the ability to focus on your unique processes and equipment. 

Got a highly-customized HVAC system? In-person training can focus solely on the maintenance or operation of that particular system. Need mechanical and industrial training courses that train employees to work specifically on your equipment? In-person training provides the information they need, taught by experts in the field.

Boosting Productivity

Offering in-person training doesn’t just reduce the amount of time your employees are away for training—it also has a long-lasting impact on productivity. Employees value the opportunity to learn a new skill or acquire new knowledge and are more likely to stay with employers who offer such opportunities regularly. The company that offers safety training and chances to develop new career skills shows it values its workforce, which improves morale, retention, and overall productivity. 

High Returns on ROI

By negating the travel expenses associated with off-site training (including lost productivity due to travel), in-person training offers a higher return on investment. It’s simple math: you can pay for a two-day off-site electrical training seminar with a day of travel to and from the seminar for your team (including meals and accommodation), or you can bring the instructor to your site and tailor the seminar to your needs. Which sounds like a better deal to you?

TPC Training offers a wide range of in-person training seminars for all types of industry, all taught by experienced instructors with years of practical industry experience. Explore our instruction catalog, or contact us to see how we can help you meet your training requirements.


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