With so many online training courses available, it can be difficult to choose which type of remote training your employees need. The most important training courses for one industry may not be needed in another (what office worker needs to understand lockout/tagout procedures?). Even within a company, employees in different positions may benefit from very different educational courses. 

That said, some basic training courses, such as safety, transcend departmental boundaries. Others, including fundamental maintenance courses, provide a foundation of skills that can be built on with future educational training courses. 

Important training courses for safety

Remote training is an excellent way to educate employees on safety procedures and regulations. The following courses provide the knowledge needed to prevent common safety issues and minimize the risk of injury.

Fall protection

According to the CDC, over 260,000 employees miss at least one day of work due to fall-related injuries, with just under 800 workers a year suffering fatal falls. Fall protection is easily taught through remote training. Employees in the healthcare, maintenance, transportation, material moving, construction, and extraction industries are particularly at risk of falls.

Basic training courses for back safety

Back injuries are among the most common musculoskeletal injuries reported in the workplace. Knowing how to properly lift heavy objects and prevent injury is as important in the office as it is in an industrial setting, although the risks encountered in each environment differ. With that in mind consider these two basic training courses: Back safety in industrial environments and back safety in office environments.

Emergency educational training  courses

All staff members should know what to do in an emergency, should that emergency be an 

industrial accident, fire, or the threat of an active shooter. Depending on the nature of your workplace, the following online training courses might be essential:

Important training courses for maintenance workers

Maintenance staff don’t need to be experts on HVAC or electrical systems to perform many tasks, but it helps to have an understanding of the basics of the systems they encounter. 

Educational training courses that provide introductions to electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems can be built on to promote employees within your workforce: the team member taking an introduction to electricity today might be a suitable candidate for more important training courses in the future. 

Basic training courses for maintenance staff (and employees who work on related equipment) include:

Employees working in industrial settings should also receive important training courses related to the safe use of materials and equipment. Electrical safety and protection is an important course for anyone working with electrical equipment, as is Arc flash safety remote training.

These basic training courses are just a sampling of the remote training courses available in the TPC Training catalog of online training courses. Browse the catalog to find remote training opportunities relevant to your industry, or contact us and we’ll help you provide your employees with the training they need. 


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