Live online training offers employers and employees alike many advantages over both traditional classrooms and asynchronous online courses, including cost-efficient, customized learning, and access to industry-leading instructors. In today’s competitive and busy work environments, the benefits of live online training include:

Lower Costs than Off-Site Instruction

Off-site classroom instruction typically comes with significant add-on costs. Travel to and from the instruction venue, food, accommodation for employees during instruction, and the temporary absence of employees can raise training expenses while lowering productivity.

Live online training avoids or minimizes all these concerns. At most, employees may not be available for regular work responsibilities during training, but given the flexible schedule of online learning, even this factor can be minimized.

Access to Industry Experts

Geographic limitations often limit which instructors a company can hire for training, and sometimes the most convenient training solutions may not possess the most skilled trainers. One of the great benefits of live online training is that your employees can receive instruction from industry leaders across great distances.

Teacher-Student interaction

Even the best instructor’s ability to interact with students is limited by asynchronous online training. Online forums and message boards can’t match the face-to-face interaction of a traditional classroom.

Thanks to video conferencing technology, live online classes allow this level of interaction. All your employees need is a computer, a webcam, speakers, and a microphone to engage in real-time question and answer sessions with live online instructors.

Customized Learning

Virtual face-to-face time brings another benefit to live online training: the ability to customize training to meet the needs of your specific facility. As long as the instructor knows your facility’s equipment and challenges, he or she can tailor training to provide practical instruction students can begin applying as soon as the course ends.

Access to Instructor-Provider LMS

A learning management system, or LMS, tracks, records, and assesses student outcomes, allowing employees and employers access to test results, student assessments, and course bookings. Learning management systems are highly-complex, expensive software applications. By opting for live online training, you can leverage the training provider’s LMS for your own benefit.

At TPC Training, we offer live online courses on HVAC, Electrical, Plant Management, and Mechanical and Industrial topics, all delivered by industry-leading experts with years of teaching experience. Check out our live online course catalog, of contact us at 877-978-7246 to discuss the courses that best fit your facility’s needs.


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