TPC Online™ grows to offer online training to over 100,000 employees in 10 years.

TPC Training Systems now provides training to over 100,000 active employees in TPC Online™, its web-based learning platform. This milestone comes as TPC Online™ celebrates its ten-year anniversary. Since its release, TPC Online™ has grown to train an average of 10,000 new workers each year. TPC Online™ brings technical skills and safety related content to clients seeking training in maintenance, plant, and manufacturing environments with the deepest industrial training catalog in the industry.

Industrial apprenticeship programs

“Since we introduced TPC Online™ in 2005, it quickly become the preferred method in technical skills training among our clients,” said Andrew Kauser, CEO, TPC Training Systems. “TPC Online's ability to administer, track, assess, and report on employee skills training has helped it grow from 5,000 trainees the first year to over 100,000 this year.”

Online training is growing as companies recognize the many benefits online training programs provide. TPC Online™ enables employees to increase skills through courses and learning plans that are fully customizable to the needs of the business and student. Interactive online training often results in a reduction of learning time, flexible scheduling, greater retention of concepts, and more.

Training administrators have adopted TPC Online™ as their primary training tool largely because it improves the oversight of maintenance training programs. The ability to manage specific content for unique users, all while tracking and evaluating each worker’s progress, has proven to be a valuable feature. Administrators can train at one facility or globally using consistent and cost-effective industrial skills training through TPC Online™.

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