The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world. You and your company face work situations and challenges that have not been a factor since the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak. We are living in a “new normal,” and it’s likely how we live and work has changed forever. 

Your company needs to adapt to these changes to the current work environment. Keeping your team up-to-date on the latest training is critical to staying competitive. TPC has expanded our live training schedule to make all our courses available online for the protection of both our customers and instructors.

TPC has offered live online training for over four years and has a proven track record for delivering high-quality instruction. All our interactive virtual training courses can be taken from the safety of the employee’s home or an isolated workplace, and all are taught by an experienced live instructor. 

Benefits of live training

Live training has multiple advantages over traditional classroom seminars, including:

    • Low Cost: Live training avoids the travel and accommodation expenses associated with offsite training, reducing the overall cost of training and time spent organizing and scheduling training. 
    • Safety: Virtual training comes with built-in social distancing to keep your employees safe and healthy.
    • High-quality instruction: Our industry-leading instructors have over 200,000 hours of combined teaching experience delivering TPC’s best-in-class curriculum. 
    • Employee engagement: Employees interact in real-time with live instructors. Live online training incorporates demonstrations, case study discussions, and visuals into each course, with some courses including interactive kits for hands-on learning. 
    • Flexibility: TPC provides multiple sessions of the same course so employers can assign training based on employee schedules, allowing you to meet the needs of multiple work shifts.
    • Reduced downtime: The flexibility offered by live training allows for the rapid onboarding of new hires and training experienced employees without negatively impacting productivity. 
    • Customized coursework: TPC provides the option of Private Virtual Training to continue employee training once social-distancing guidelines are lessened or eliminated. 

Expanding virtual training course options

TPC’s top electrical, mechanical, and plant management courses are offered regularly to help you select a live training time that suits your needs. Popular courses include:

In addition to these courses, TPC offers over thirty more virtual training classes. 

No-risk Registration

You can reserve space in TPC live online training courses at any time, and cancel at any time. Cancellations made more than 14 days prior to the seminar can be refunded or rescheduled as requested. Cancellations made within 14 days may be rescheduled at a future date for any seminar in the TPC live training catalog.

Not satisfied with a TPC live training course? We’ll promptly refund your money.

Virtual training results

Live training courses offered through TPC’s Virtual Training catalog your employees’ careers while increasing retention of information, expediting knowledge transfer, and enhancing performance and engagement rates, all adding to the overall success of your company.

Virtual training also protects employee health and well-being by providing socially distanced training. Employees can give their complete attention to course materials without worrying about their own safety. 

Is live training right for your organization?

TPC’s Virtual Instructor-Led Live Training is right for you if:

    • You are an essential business working the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • You need employees to continue training during periods when split shifts or reduced workforces are required.
    • You live in a state with extended stay-at-home orders and want to provide employees with the training they’ll need upon returning to work.
    • Your employees need additional live training to remain engaged, productive, and loyal to your company.
    • Your manufacturing processes have changed and employees need virtual training to adapt to new processes.

Keep your employees trained and engaged during this difficult time. Contact TPC Training to discuss how to leverage virtual training to your organization’s advantage. 


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