In this case study, learn how a global leader in food production turned to TPC to streamline and modernize their onboarding and upskilling programs while consolidating all training to a cloud-based, user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS).


A premier nutrition, agricultural origination, and food processing company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with 800+ facilities, 50+ innovation centers, and 38,000 employees, provides their customers with solutions to nutritional challenges.

A long-term customer of a key TPC competitor, the food production company’s Corporate Reliability and Engineering Department observed that their Performance Excellence Program for internal technicians failed to produce the skilled candidate pool necessary to meet their increased production needs. As a result, they turned to TPC to inquire about targeted content, upskilling and onboarding programs, and an improved learning management, training delivery, and tracking platform.


When the food production company recognized that their current training program lacked the content and flexibility needed to onboard their constant influx of new employees, they knew it was time to update their entire training program. There were several opportunities for improvement, including:

-Employees' Lack of Foundational Knowledge: New employees joining the company consistently lacked the fundamental understanding and knowledge needed to conduct day-to-day responsibilities.

-Limited Content & Costly Fragmented Training Delivery Methods: The previous training provider raised their rates and offered limited content through an inadequate curriculum delivery and tracking system, hindering adoption rates and knowledge transfer.

-Omission of Essential Safety Training: The company had no established safety training program for new or established employees that could potentially lead to injury and OSHA violations.

-Challenges in Scheduling & Downtime: Scheduling of group training yielded substantial production slowdowns from employee downtime.


    The food production company completed TPC’s proprietary Training Needs Evaluation. Then, the two entities conducted numerous consultative discussions to identify training gaps that would inform the design and development of a customized training solution to address their extensive needs.

    From their extensive simple-to-use solutions that help companies maintain efficient and steady work performance while keeping compliant through tracking employee training and certifications, TPC recommended the following:

    -Testmaster Application Embedded Within TPC FUSION: TPC’s proprietary pre-assessment tool allows the food production company to screen for prior knowledge to identify and recommend individualized employee training through a cloud-based user-friendly company branded LMS, FUSION.

    -TPC’s Online Content Library: By creating a job classification-specific program comprised of selected online and easy to access classes from TPC’s 1000+ hour course online technical course library, training courses targeted the technician's base skill gaps while also addressing specialized needs for a subset of technicians at each facility. The cost-effective courses could be accessed on an as-needed basis, either at work or home with a computer or tablet, limiting employee downtime and production slowdowns.

    -Troubleshooting Simulations: TPC’s Troubleshooting Simulations teach employees to tackle costly equipment malfunctions quickly, accurately, and safely through an easy-to access online training platform, minimizing downtime and protecting the integrity of equipment and employees. This unique training offering allows for adaptive, immersive, and measurable learning that produces a tangible ROI to validate current and future training investments.

    -Post-knowledge Skills Assessment: With a revamped Performance Excellence Program, the food production company recognized the importance of a simplified and digital training validation and tracking system, like TPC’s Post-knowledge Skills Assessments, to replace the organization’s outdated paper-based checklist.

    -TPC’s Mobile Audit & Inspections Software: To complete the overhauled training program, TPC recommended that the food production company utilize the Skills Verification Library to ensure learners could perform their tasks and functions.


    Impressed by TPC’s swift recommendations and implementation of a revamped
    comprehensive training solution with a single-source provider, the Corporate Reliability Center Manager committed to a six-figure, multi-year agreement.
    Thrilled with the updated content, diversity of the programs accessed through a variety of easy-to-use and cost-effective modalities, and pleased with the straightforward interaction with all stakeholders, the food production company transitioned their entire training program, including all maintenance and technician training, onboarding, and upskilling, exclusively to TPC.

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