Paperwork is both a blessing and a curse in most industries. A blessing, in that a clear paper trail helps track work orders, control inventory, and provide proof of OSHA compliance. A curse in that, well, it’s paperwork. Storing important papers, rushing to get the right signatures on an important document, and the possibility of misplaced papers are ever-present concerns. But what if you could eliminate paperwork?

The promise of a paperless work environment has been around for decades. Today, document automation software makes it possible. The ubiquitous nature of smartphones and mobile devices can connect all employees with a form management system that can be updated in real time. Here are a few of the benefits to a paperless system.

Standardized Templates

Using a form management system to create standardized forms and reports streamlines the flow and capture of information. You determine what information needs to be recorded, and employees can access and fill out forms on their phones in the workplace. 

Automated Approval Chains

Approving invoices, purchase orders, budgets, and work orders is a time-consuming process. Documentation automation software can pull relevant information from submitted documents, approving requests when they meet predetermined criteria. 

Predictive Systems

Once your form management software has a database of documents, it can begin to predict when specific issues are likely to arise, giving you time to take steps to prevent problems and reduce downtime.

Reminders and Alarm Triggers

Many types of paperwork need to be periodically renewed, including OSHA compliance documents and training certifications. Document automation software can track when documents come due for renewal and send you timely reminders. Form management systems can also send alarms under certain conditions such as when workplace incident forms are submitted. 

Use of Photos and Videos

Sometimes a photo or short video explains a situation far better than a written description. With a form management system employees can upload visual media to support documentation--ideal if an employee in the field needs advice from the home office. The software system can also include video tutorials employees can use as references and guides in the workplace. 

Documentation automation software is especially valuable for EHS management, as it improves tracking, compliance, and data analysis. Eliminate paperwork from your workplace, and discover how to streamline documentation with a form management system.


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