In August of 2020, TPC Training acquired Simutech Multimedia, an industry leader in the world of simulation training systems. Designed to provide simulation training to maintenance and operations professionals across multiple industries, Simutech software offers a gamified learning experience built on cutting edge technology.

Simulation training lets employees troubleshoot real-world situations in an immersive virtual environment, improving training outcomes and knowledge retention. Simulation and training also provides students with the chance to practice responses to situations that may not be safe to duplicate in the real world, creating a safe environment in which employees can take risks without fear of injury or damage to equipment. 

While effective in it’s own right, simulation training provides the best results when combined with other training modalities. Here’s how to leverage simulation training with your current training program

Simulation and Instructor-Led Training

Simulation training systems add value to instructor-led training, whether training occurs in-person or in a virtual classroom. Although the simulation programs can provide feedback, there are also instructors who oversee simulation training. They can provide real-time comments and constructive criticism. 

This option is especially valuable in virtual instructor-led training, where physical hands-on training is not always possible. By combining simulation and training techniques common to virtual classrooms (quizzes, discussions, group work, and classroom surveys), the instructor can guide employees through a hands-on experience that would normally require in-person training. 

EHS and Simulation Training Methods

Ensuring employees have access to the right training at the right time is one of the challenges of EHS management. As simulation training takes place in a virtual environment, employees can complete training as needed, while EHS can track and monitor each training session.

Simulation training systems are ideal for employees who need refresher courses on processes and procedures, or for when a company rolls out new processes. Employees can access training from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing them the option of practicing and refining their knowledge on their own time. 

Simulation and Training for Certification Programs

Simulation training provides opportunity for employees to practice needed skills prior to certification tests and compliance evaluations. By offering a safe environment in which to practice, the simulation gives employees the freedom to determine what actions are needed to successfully complete tasks. Equally importantly, the simulation shows employees the consequences of incorrect or unsafe practices. 

When implemented with an existing training program, simulation training methods provide innovative and effective solutions to filling employee skill gaps. Simulation training equips employees with the knowledge they need to succeed in their current positions while strengthening their career prospects and their worth to the company. If you’re interested in adding simulation training to your training program, or want to see how simulation training can improve EHS efficiency, contact TPC Training for more information 


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