Learn how to attract the next generation of industrial maintenance workers to the field. 

With job openings in the industrial sector being at an all-time high despite the recent record levels of hiring happening across most industries (according to Deloitte), preparing students for rewarding careers in maintenance, electrical, or other industrial functions is more important than ever. These students are the future of industries that make the world run.

The challenge is that Gen Z, the latest generation to start to join the workforce, learns with a deep foundation in technology. Teaching these students requires different strategies than previous generations just to keep their attention. We need to meet these young people where they are with learning opportunities structured in ways that they will latch onto in the classroom – and that they will retain when they join the workforce.

The Gen Z learning style

Generation Z doesn’t know of a time when using computers and playing video games wasn’t core to their childhoods and educational experiences. They are familiar with immersing themselves in technology and crave those experiences. Rather than relying on textbooks and machines to teach these students, offering a gamified and interactive environment will help them latch onto concepts, release their fears of making mistakes, and ensure that they are able to learn in a safe environment.

Core Education Simulations

One of the traditional reasons that vocational technology teachers are able to build students’ skills is through offering hands-on learning. Working with the tools, components, and techniques that are needed in the real world jump starts the learning process, setting your students up for success in their technical fields. But with the learning style that Gen Z prefers, it’s even more important that vo-tech teachers offer this hands-on training in a way that this generation will latch onto.

Core Education Simulations is a new solution with tried and true technology that meets students where they are and builds skills with no risk to life or limb: the simulations are completely online.

Students can practice using the tools and components they use in class, with simulations meant to accelerate learning. As a complement to your existing curriculum, this technology improves engagement and makes learning intuitive.

Benefits for teachers and students

For vo-tech teachers, the technology:

-Includes automatic grading and progress breakdowns, so it is easier to see where your students are without even needing to test their skills.

-Offers a dashboard to show how quickly and accurately students are moving through the simulation modules, allowing teachers to fill in any apparent knowledge gaps during classroom time. You’ll see breakdowns to individual fault levels, which help you correct mistakes before they become bad habits.

Students enjoy features such as:

-Gamification, allowing them to try to beat their own best scores and be as efficient as possible.

-Availability anytime, anywhere with high-speed internet.

-Interactive environment, with scenarios they will encounter in the field after graduation.

-Learning with the same tools they practice on during in-person learning in the shop.

-Safety, knowing that there’s no risk of shock, arc-flash, fire, or other dangerous situations that can arise when working on complex systems.

Don’t just take it from us. These simulation modules are proven to improve learning for technical students. Tim Tewalt, program director for Mechatronics Programs at Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire, WI put it this way:

"Our students find learning with TPC Simulations to be very beneficial. They appreciate seeing the progress they get and seeing efficiency go up in their troubleshooting. They like being able to apply it to a variety of manufacturing equipment with similar components. After working with the simulations, our students troubleshoot with much more competence."


Learn more and get a free demo of Core Education Simulations for vocational technology students.

TPC Simulations are also great for on-the-job training! Get a demo of our full suite of 3D Cloud-based Simulations for enterprises.






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