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5 Tips for Preventing Commercial Electric Overloads

Posted by John | 04.25.16

Electric fires rank among the top five causes of commercial building fires according to the National Fire Protection Association. In many cases, the source of an electric fire can be...

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8 Emergency Generator Tips to Protect Your Facility from Power Outages

Posted by John | 04.05.16

With severe weather on the rise, so too are power outages. The Executive Office of the President reports severe weather-related outages cost the economy anywhere from $18 to $33 billion...

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Arc Flash Myths and Misconceptions

Posted by John | 03.01.16

Electrical arc flash is a dangerous hazard for anyone working on or near energized conductors and equipment. A proper understanding of the potential hazards is a big part of your...

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Arc Flash Safety Tips

Posted by John | 02.06.16

An arc flash is likely to be catastrophic to any electrical worker unlucky enough to experience one. The powerful electrical surge, leading to an explosion, molten metal shrapnel, blinding light,...

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Arc Flash Safety Remains A Top Safety Priority

Posted by John | 06.25.15

As electrical power grids grow larger and more complex, arc flash hazards remain a real and ever present threat.  The sources of electricity is changing, but the risks are the...

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Does your facility meet OSHA and NFPA standards for Qualified Electrical Workers?

Posted by John | 05.25.15

Did you know that OSHA and NFPA require documented in-person or classroom training for electrical workers?  We find that many of our customers are unaware of these requirements; understanding them...

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