Workforce attrition studies have shown that successful employee training programs produce many benefits to companies and organizations including:

– Improved employee performance
– Enlarged company profits
– Elevated competitive edge
– Heightened worker productivity
– Improved customer satisfaction
– Increased employee retention

Firms that invest $1,500 per employee in training compared with those that spend $125 experience an average of 24 percent higher gross profit margins and 218% higher revenue per employee.

(source: Laurie J. Bassi et al., “Profiting From Learning: Do Firms’ Investments in Education and Training Pay Off?” American Society for Training and Development, 2000)

“We have been able to significantly reduce the number of hours lost to accidents and the cost of meeting our OSHA-mandated training requirements through the use of TPC’s online safety courses.”

–Joel G.
Training Coordinator
ubishi Polyester Film LLC

Just a 2% increase in productivity has been shown to net a 100% return on investment in training.

(source: “The 2001 Global Training and Certification Study,” CompTIA and Prometric).

Percentage of Knowledge Gained Training with TPC Online™

"TPC Online™ delivers outstanding course content to meet our safety training requirements, as well as technical skills training for our building maintenance engineers. The learning platform automates the management of all training information at our facilities across the country."

–Mike R.
Vice President of Engineering
Behringer Harvard

Motorola calculated that every dollar spent on training yields an approximate 30% gain in productivity within 3 years. Motorola also used training to reduce costs by over $3 billion and increase profits by 47%.

(Source: Tim Lane et al., “Learning to Succeed in in Business with Information Technology,” Motorola.)


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