Learn how TPC’s partnership with one of the largest school districts in Illinois helped them streamline and build upon their ongoing training program creating efficiencies.



One of the largest public school districts in Illinois initiated a comprehensive training review to assess its current training program for its large facilities team, inclusive of maintenance staff (HVAC, plumbers, electrical technicians), groundskeepers, custodians, supervisors, and administrative assistants. With management oversight for 11 facilities, including eight high schools with three shifts running 24/7/365, the new Director wanted to streamline and build its current training program while also creating efficiencies.

TPC Training and the school district have enjoyed a steady training partnership. TPC has provided comprehensive continuing education and training as well as serving as a partner in their multi-level progression training plan. Additionally, the school district previously purchased texts from both the Building & Grounds and Custodial Maintenance Series.


While a structured training program was already in place, the school district faced several training-related challenges, including:

• A dispersed multi-shift workforce
• Participation in time-consuming off-site training courses for its maintenance staff
• The omission of formal safety training
• Lack of a learning management system

With the school district’s end goal in mind, TPC recommended training solutions that addressed their unique needs.


Impressed by the depth of training offerings, the district showed interest in several of TPC’s suggested solutions.

Because of their dispersed workforce, they found the LMS capabilities to deploy, track, document, report, and upload training would solve several of their training issues. They also recognized that self-study training would be helpful, particularly for their third-shift workers.

With a depth and breadth of coursework that would meet their facilities training staff needs, the school district found that both Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and Fundamentals, Electrical, & Mechanical series would address training gaps for their HVAC techs.


Ultimately, the district adopted the TPC Online solution for its ability to provide training flexibility for its workforce. They purchased 125 Technical Course Uses and 160 Safety Seats.

The district also takes advantage of TPC’s instructor-led training courses (AC w/ EPA 608 Certification) and Mobile Forms & Forms Builder.


Upon implementation of the TPC Online LMS, the training solution was met with universal acclaim by the staff and their new Director, who said, “I couldn’t be more pleased with the efficiency in which TPC listened to our needs and delivered solutions. I appreciate the flexibility and ease of delivering new training options for my team. I look forward to our continued partnership.”


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