TPC's Training Impact with Tyson

Learn how TPC partnered with Tyson Foods, Inc, the world’s second-largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork, to expand their training options for their maintenance and refrigeration workforce.


Tyson Foods, Inc., with a corporate base in Springdale, Arkansas, is comprised of 110 production facilities with approximately 120,000 employees throughout the US. The company provides 20% of America’s proteins under a portfolio of seven brands while also serving as the leading protein provider to several national restaurant chains.

Training partners since 2018, TPC has provided support to Tyson through two of its products – the TPC Simutech Training System and TPC Online training courses. Manager of Maintenance Training, Charles “Tex” Ballenger, adopted TPC’s simulations to enhance their electrical troubleshooting curriculum while Refrigeration Training Manager, Justin Michael, needed additional training resources for their new hires in the ammonia refrigeration department to address employee development needs.


While Tyson already had a training program in place, they were encountering several challenges, including:

  • A dispersed workforce in diverse roles with vast responsibilities
  • Multiple training providers
  • Maintenance worker electrical troubleshooting skill gaps
  • Absence of hands-on electrical training
  • Inefficient new hire ammonia refrigeration training



As the maintenance department lead, Tex was seeking to address skill gaps through a safe, hands-on approach to electrical troubleshooting that went beyond theory. Tex believes by combining people, process, and equipment, “you get the end result you are looking for.”  

Justin was looking for comprehensive new hire training options for Tyson’s ammonia refrigeration department workers that would expedite onboarding, increase knowledge transfer, be easily accessed and trackable, and be affordable.  

TPC’s extensive workforce training options – from hands-on virtual simulations to more than 2000 self-directed online courses – addressed Tyson’s unique training needs.


Tyson leveraged two of TPC’s products that directly aligned with the challenges Tyson was aiming to solve. By adopting TPC’s Simutech Training System—interactive, hands-on computer simulations that are cost-effective, engaging, and realistic—they experienced a completely safe environment for working with dangerous electrical currents while also building knowledge retention.

With the use of four specialized online refrigeration course, Tyson experienced an affordable, easily accessed, and comprehensive training solution that employees could take on their own time. 


With noticeable improvements in performance, productivity, and engagement, TPC’s Simulation Training System and the four self-paced online ammonia refrigeration courses utilized at Tyson were met with universal acclaim. In 2018, Tyson began with 75 licenses; in 2020, that surged to 120, a 60% increase over two years. Additionally, 99 out of 100 training participants answered a survey stating that the simulation training program helped them understand their job better, was educational, and provided real-world scenarios.

Both Tex and Justin look forward to growing their partnerships with TPC. Tex continues to be a cheerleader for TPC’s simulations, remarking, “I continue to be blown away by the software, I still get excited about the program. If anyone is looking to address electrical troubleshooting, the TPC Simutech Training System is the answer.”

Justin reflected on the ease of engaging with TPC, the quality of the course content, and how easy the courses are to deliver, stating, “The courses are easy to deliver, track, and manage. I’d like to see TPC’s refrigeration courses mandatory for all new hires.” He is looking at opportunities to expand the number of course starts in 2020 and is evaluating additional TPC course offerings.

TPC customers all have one asset in common: Their people.

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