TPC Training’s newly improved website makes finding instructor-led training courses easier than before.

The updated site includes a new homepage organization to help you quickly jump to the type of training your team needs; a new navigation bar to make it easier to find courses; new sort and search functions to narrow down your results.

Please note: these changes only apply to the instructor-led training course sections of our website, found at No changes have been made to the online course sections of the site (

Homepage updates

The new homepage is sorted into three types of instructor-led training. For those seeking in-person training, virtual instructor-led training, or private group training, these buckets simplify your path towards course schedules and makes signing up for courses faster and easier.

Simple navigation

Start at our Events page to easily search for exactly what you need or to browse our currently scheduled offerings.

Access our Events page via our navigation menu: live training > Register Here or bookmark this page.

Once on the Events page, there are several ways to sort and view results to find the courses your teams need.

Topic buttons: Across the top of this page, just below “Events,” there are buttons to narrow results by electrical, HVAC, safety, mechanical, and plant management courses. These will show results just in each category.

Left-hand filters: Select date ranges, locations by city or state, choose in-person or virtual, or select a city near you to see targeted results. Note that cities are alphabetically by city, rather than by state. For those not near a large city, search via state instead to find cities nearest you.

Finding and registering for a course

Let’s walk through the process of finding and registering for one of our courses.

Course: 2023 National Electrical Code®

Course style: virtual instructor-led

To navigate to this course, either select “virtual” from the filters on the left side of the page or “electrical” from the buttons under “Events”

Results appear in alphabetical order, so this course should be the first result in either category. Click “Learn More” or the course name to continue.

On the course page, you will see upcoming dates for the selected course. To register for a single or small number of attendees, use the “register” button under the preferred date. For those who need to train larger groups of team members, there is a link just below the search results that allows you to get started bringing a TPC Training instructor to your facility or to have one train your entire team virtually.

Course descriptions & discussion topics

Confirming you’ve chosen the right course Is easy. Simply scroll down past the available dates to see a course description and outline of the discussion topics.

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