Why EHS Software is Important alongside Training Practices

A comprehensive suite of safety training practices is essential. Without proper training, the risk of accidents, work disruptions, and non-compliance with standards and regulations goes up, as does the financial costs of responding to such issues. 

Safety training alone, however, is insufficient. Your company also needs a system in place to track training outcomes, monitor employee safety practices, and alert you to upcoming safety-related dates, such as recertification of skills or compliance inspections. EHS software provides a central hub for monitoring and guiding your company’s training practices. 

What is EHS Software?

EHS software is short for Environment, Health, and Safety software. EHS is a general term used across all industries to describe the many rules, regulations, programs, and workforce management tools used to safeguard employees, the public, and the environment from work-related hazards. EHS management software provides the tools needed to ensure this protection is ongoing, consistently applied, and constantly improved upon. 

How Does an EHS Management System Improve Training Practices?

Training provides the knowledge and skills employees need to remain safe. EHS management software provides the tools to ensure safety skills are retained and implemented. An EHS system offers a central repository of safety-related data and the ability to access and analyze such data quickly. 

EHS management software provides you with consistent, high-quality data for generating reports and making safety decisions. Benefits of EHS software include:

  • Tracking training outcomes,
  • Identifying potential hazards and planning ways to ameliorate associated risks,
  • Identifying knowledge gaps within your workforce,
  • Organizing incident reports and investigations,
  • Proving the data needed to remain in compliance with OSHA regulations,
  • Scheduling EHS training and certifications,
  • Storing and managing safety data sheets,
  • Tracking critical safety and training issues in real-time.

Training and Safety On-the-Go

EHS software provides mobile support for your safety and training programs. Mobile devices can access self-directed training modules through an EHS management system, as well as all relevant safety data sheets. EHS software may also include how-two directions and videos in a technical training library which employees can access as needed.

No safety training provides complete protection against risk. Mobile EHS software also provides support should an incident occur. Employees and supervisors have instant access to incident report forms, allowing for more timely, accurate reporting. Photos and videos taken to support incidents reports can also be uploaded to the EHS system’s secure cloud storage.

Why is EHS Software Important?

EHS management software integrates all aspects of training and safety into a single database, facilitating the scheduling of training, compliance reports, safety assessments, employee recertification, and incident reports. Reliable reports based on up-to-the-minute data helps you determine where and when training will have the most impact. 

By focusing on training, EHS software sends a clear message to your employees that you care about their safety, well-being, and career aspirations. Training remains one of the main attractions to new and established hires, increasing loyalty to the organization and improving retention rates.

What can EHS software do for you? Find out by requesting a no-obligation demo of TPC Training’s Employee Safety Management System and explore how an EHS system supports and enhances your existing training processes.


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