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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

Ask the Instructor: Q&A with Lisa Bentley, OSHA Safety

Posted by Jess | 06.20.23

Lisa Bentley is one of TPC’s OSHA safety instructors. She brings over 25 years of experience as a safety trainer to our instructor team, with a background including a federal...

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Identifying and Helping Workers Suffering from Heat Illnesses

Posted by Jess | 06.13.23

“I was working on an interstate construction project doing heavy labor. As the day went on, it got to be 105 with a heat index of 112. I neglected to...

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The pitfalls of delayed training

Posted by Jess | 06.06.23

Impacts on productivity, safety, and regulatory penalties One of the best ways to ensure that your facility maintains the highest uptime possible is to complete preventive maintenance at the manufacturer’s...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Safety Culture

Posted by Jess | 05.02.23

When your team is down in the safety dumps, the first step in improving their attitude about protecting people, equipment, and product is to have necessary conversations. Getting them comfortable...

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Why It’s Essential to Prepare for Emergencies

Posted by Jess | 04.25.23

Emergencies can take many forms. Whether natural or made-made, disasters can strike at any time–often when you least expect it.  Statistics show that 1 in 4 businesses won’t reopen following...

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Learn to use the tools of the trade with simulation-based training

Posted by Jess | 04.03.23

Simulations aren’t just for those working in aerospace, defense, and medicine. They’re also an excellent tool for upskilling your maintenance and technical workforce, training them to complete repairs faster and more...

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