Seminars provide attendees with large amounts of information on specific topics over the course of one or two days. Many take place in the larger context of conferences, but seminars are also available on-site and online. As for the benefits of seminar trainings, employers and employees alike find seminars offer multiple advantages, including:

1. Specialized Knowledge from Industry Experts

Seminars, especially those hosted at industry conferences, attract highly specialized and knowledgeable speakers. Few other methods of instruction offer the same chance to hear the opinions of national and international experts in your field, or opportunities to ask those same experts for input on your facility’s specific challenges.

2. Focus and Intensity

Seminars provide enormous amounts of information over the course of a day or two, making them well-suited to employees who don’t have time to take extended courses. The detailed focus requires employees to take notes and come to each day’s talk prepared to absorb as much information as possible, and allows employees a chance to gain a large amount of knowledge in very little time.

3. Simulations and Skills Modules

Enjoy the advantage of working and learning within immersive simulated environments. These innovative cloud-based simulations have been integrated into both our in person and virtual instructor-led courses. Simulation-based learning offers the hands-on interaction, exploration, and equipment troubleshooting needed to best learn new fundamental and complex skill sets.

Skills modules add further hands-on elements to TPC’s training curriculum. As shorter, more focused exercises, these allow you to target and practice a specific skill or task. Interactive skills modules range from ten minutes to one hour in length and are specifically designed to help reinforce important concepts as you work through our courses.

4. Networking Opportunities

Not all the advantages of seminar training come from the speaker. Seminars bring attendees from multiple facilities together. Employees can forge new contacts within the industry and discuss challenges, problems, and most importantly, solutions with their peers.

5. Morale Boosts

Your company has paid for you to attend a seminar. They’ve put you up in a nice hotel and paid for your travel costs. It’s hard not to feel like a valued member of the team when management is willing to make such an investment in you.

In addition to building morale (and sometimes acting as a reward for exceptional personnel), seminar attendance can leave employees recharged and with a renewed sense of purpose after immersing themselves in work-specific topics. Higher productivity and employee enthusiasm are often unexpected benefits of training seminars.

Bonus Benefit: Cost

The expense of seminars depends, in large part, on the distance your employees must travel to attend and how many people you’re sending. Even so, costs are often less than paying for advanced courses or in-house training, making seminars a viable economic solution for training. Not that off-site seminars are your only option. Virtual Instructor-led seminars offer all the advantages of seminar training without travel costs, all delivered by industry experts.


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