The Leader in Industrial Skills Training unveils iPad applications to compliment classroom training.

Commencing on July 16th, TPC Training, the leader in industrial skills training, will provide students a more thorough learning experience by introducing iPads within its On-site seminars. The platform will employ the systems and components present in each client’s facilities. The iPads will be loaded with interactive demonstrations from TPC’s Operate application, which delivers just-in-time training content by placing information right where technicians can use it.

Currently, TPC is piloting the program at each of their Electrical Safety (ES) On-site seminars. However, TPC plans to expand into other classes and topics in the near future. Part of the program includes a series of class activities that instructors will adopt for reinforced instruction on general electrical safety and arc flash hazards. TPC Operate makes it possible to place interactive training modules on the mobile devices.

“We plan to explore additional ways to use mobile devices and touch-screen technology in our classrooms,” said Derek Dunaway, CEO TPC Training. “Future uses could include live polling, instant class surveys, and registration sheets.”

TPC Operate’s future role in classroom exercises provides students with content-heavy, searchable library of videos, animations, and descriptions of over 800+ machine components. By accessing interactive process information, workers will be able to frame a clear picture on how each machine runs and is maintained. Doing this will make it easier for students to apply electrical safety concepts to job activities.

“The potential impact in instructor-led training environments is limitless,” commented Dunaway.

TPC Training’s Electrical Safety seminars are relied on by over 1,030 electrical technicians in the United States each year which includes the attendance from 150 Electrical Safety On-site seminars at client facilities.


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