Why an Organized Training and Compliance System is Key

Delivering timely, accurate training to employees is a major challenge for your facilities managers department, whether said training is required to onboard new hires, provide updated information to experienced employees, or ensure contract workers meet safety compliance requirements. An organized training and compliance system is key to successful training outcomes. 

TPC Fusion combines best-in-class learning management capabilities to transform how you manage your training processes.

What is an LMS?

LMS is short for learning management system, and describes any software system that provides, documents, tracks, and reports on the delivery of educational work and safety courses. An LMS is important as it acts as a central depository for all learning materials and related documentation, facilitating the easy delivery of training materials while providing data on course completions, compliance, and training outcomes. 

Aspects of a Successful LMS

A learning management system should be fully integrated, providing management solutions from the initial training assignments through the analysis and report generation of training outcomes. Often, this doesn’t reflect onsite workforce management practices. When developed in-house over time, training management solutions tend to be composed of multiple systems that don’t integrate efficiently, slowing the rate of time-sensitive training delivery and making report generation an arduous process. In a worst case scenario, an organization may still be reliant on paper-based learning management forms, which are costly to store and easy to lose.

TPC Fusion is a fully integrated learning management system that provides start-to-finish training solutions. The LMS is built around TPC Training’s proprietary technical training modules, a library of thousands of self-directed courses and documentation easily accessed through Fusion’s intuitive dashboard for as-needed training.

Customizing Your LMS Courses

The TPC Training library is extensive, but every organization has its own, unique training demands. TPC Fusion’s comprehensive integration capabilities allow you to create organization-specific training content, so your employees have access to as-needed site-specific training. Tests can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, allowing employees to study at home or quickly check proper procedures at work.

Management Solutions for Skills Verification and Compliance

Providing needed training to your employees isn’t enough. You need a system to ensure employees have learnt and retained job-related skills. In circumstances where lack of training can potentially result in worksite injuries, you also need to be able to provide documentation of successful training in case of regulatory compliance requests.

A robust learning management system alerts managers to situations where employees lack the necessary skills and knowledge for safe job completion and successful completion of training materials, while also alerting you to any upcoming certification renewal datas needed for regulatory compliance.

Other LMS Management Solutions

In addition to timely access to training materials and the ability to generate data-driven reports centered on training outcomes, a fully-integrated learning management system offers a range of other management solutions to help keep your LMS moving smoothly. Such features include:

  • Customizing, modifying and distributing automatic reports to relevant team members
  • Utilizing mobile forms to perform and manage skills verifications, preventive maintenance programs, and safety audits
  • Assigning and delivering automatic refresher or recurring training course requirements
  • Pushing news and content to users via a central communication system

Evaluating a Learning Management System

When looking for a third-party learning management system, it’s important to take the time to evaluate it carefully. Will it provide the training management solutions your organization needs? Will the LMS scale up or down as needed, and will it continue to add new solutions and self-directed courses as training techniques and compliance regulations evolve?

An established industry training company like TPC Training is positioned to meet your current and future learning management needs. Sign up today to request a no-obligation demonstration of how TPC Fusion can help you meet your training management challenges.


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