TPC provides a range of workplace training management solutions to streamline the training process, including a library of thousands of self-directed training modules, documentation solutions, tracking and monitoring models, and compliance solutions. TPC Fusion, the latest in our line of workforce management solutions, is poised to transform how you manage the training process.

What is TPC Fusion?

TPC Fusion is a Learning Management System that also integrates all TPC workforce training and management solutions into a single platform, allowing you to document, track, report, assess, and deliver as-needed training programs while also tracking performance and compliance issues. 

Through TPC Fusion your workforce gains access to the over 1,000 detailed technical training sessions found in the TPC proprietary library, all delivered through TPC Fusion’s intuitive dashboard. Comprehensive integration capabilities allow you to create your own organization-specific training courses and content, so you can customize your training sessions to reflect your organization’s needs. 

TPC Fusion combines best-in-class learning management features with a user-friendly design, making it easy for employees to access tests while facilitating data retrieval and report creation for administrators. 

Compliance and Skills Verification

It’s not enough to provide skills to your employees: you need to be able to track training, verify skill and knowledge retention, and provide documentation of training to regulatory bodies. TPC Fusion captures all relevant documentation for compliance requests, while allowing you to track and monitor training's effect on your facility. 

TPC Fusion will alert you to any employees who lack relevant training when assigned to tasks requiring specific levels of skill, knowledge, or certifications. The system can also generate alerts for upcoming certification renewal dates. Doing so helps ensure you remain current on all training and documentation needed to remain in regulatory compliance.

Manage the Training Process and Safety Issues in Real-Time

Managing employee training and resolving safety issues can be performed in real-time with TPC Fusion. By integrating the TPC workplace management suite of services, TPC Fusion provides you access to mobile forms for skills verification, contractor management, incident management, and employee safety and performance reports. Completing such reports in real-time provides more accurate data and streamlines your workplace management processes.

Adopting TPC Fusion as your integrated workforce training management system does more than improve your training management processes. You gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your employees are properly trained and certified to handle their tasks without violating regulatory standards. 

Providing as-needed work and safety training has its effect on your employees as well. Doing so proves you care about their well-being, their safety, and their career aspirations. Moral improves alongside increased safety and skills, increasing your workforce retention rates, enhancing a culture of safety, and improving overall productivity. 

Interested in exploring what TPC Fusion can do for your organization? Request a no-obligation demonstration of TPC Fusion today and we’ll show you how our integrated workplace training service can benefit your company.


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