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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

Arc Flash Safety Tips

Posted by John | 02.06.16

An arc flash is likely to be catastrophic to any electrical worker unlucky enough to experience one. The powerful electrical surge, leading to an explosion, molten metal shrapnel, blinding light,...

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TPC Training Systems' Online Learning Management System Surpasses 100,000 Active Users

Posted by Nicole | 10.14.15

TPC Online™ grows to offer online training to over 100,000 employees in 10 years. TPC Training Systems now provides training to over 100,000 active employees in TPC Online™, its web-based...

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A New Generation and a New Process: An Application that Can Do for Technicians What CAD Does for Engineering

Posted by Evan | 09.18.15

Introduction Today, industry is faced with a serious shortage of skilled technicians, while the drives and controls of industrial equipment become ever more sophisticated. An increasing demand for machine uptime...

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The Growing Industrial Skills Gap

Posted by Angela | 08.24.15

Veteran workforces are retiring as 10,000 baby boomers, every day, reach the traditional retirement age of 65. Corporations now face the reality of a growing skills gap seen in the...

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The Lack of Skilled Workers in Today's Industrial Workforce

Posted by John | 06.26.15

As the US economy continues to improve in the wake of the so-called Great Recession, production has reached levels not seen since years before those dark days of 2007-2008.  ...

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Arc Flash Safety Remains A Top Safety Priority

Posted by John | 06.25.15

As electrical power grids grow larger and more complex, arc flash hazards remain a real and ever present threat.  The sources of electricity is changing, but the risks are the...

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