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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

Arc Flash Myths and Misconceptions

Posted by John | 03.01.16

Electrical arc flash is a dangerous hazard for anyone working on or near energized conductors and equipment. Proper understanding of the potential hazards is a big part of your overall electrical...

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TPC Training Systems expands its workforce safety solutions to include Arc Flash Analysis

Posted by Evan | 02.29.16

TPC makes the electrical study more accessible by organizing critical safety information on a mobile platform. The leader in industrial skills training now delivers arc flash analysis to commercial and...

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The Greenest Buildings In The US

Posted by John | 02.23.16

As persistent as the green movement has been, many have considered the process of building more energy-efficient buildings as a pipe dream: ideal, but not necessarily feasible given the amount...

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Electricity 101: How it Works

Posted by John | 02.21.16

To operate safely around electrical wiring and installations, it’s important to understand how electricity works and how it flows through circuits, bringing power to commercial and industrial equipment. Electricity is...

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Choosing the Proper PPE for Electric Arc Exposure

Posted by John | 02.13.16

The materials and technology for manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE) that can protect workers from exposure to the hazards of electric arcs is rapidly improving through the research efforts of the...

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Arc Flash Safety Tips

Posted by John | 02.06.16

An arc flash is likely to be catastrophic to any electrical worker unlucky enough to experience one. The powerful electrical surge, leading to an explosion, molten metal shrapnel, blinding light,...

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