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"The Future of Industrial Training: the New Digital Classroom"

About the Webinar:
At TPC Training Systems, we’ve been on the hunt for ways that our industrial skills training solutions can evolve to meet the needs of all of our customers, and we’ve learned some things in the process. In this webinar, we’ll share what we’ve learned and give you a preview of the future of industrial training.

You’ll learn about:
  • The best uses of webcast and simulcast training formats
  • The advantages of blended online and live training
  • Virtual reality (VR) training environments, including an exclusive sneak peek inside a VR simulation

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    Online Electrical Systems Courses

    In order for maintenance personnel to successfully maintain and repair electrical equipment, technicians must have a thorough knowledge of how it operates. TPC's online Electrical Systems training series offers a broad spectrum of courses, from an introduction to electricity and electronics to step-by-step electrical system troubleshooting. Learn more about online maintenance training with TPC Online.

    Basic Electricity and Electronics

    This course on Basic Electricity and Electronics covers basic, nonmathematical approach to understanding principles of electricity....


    Batteries and DC Circuits

    The Batteries and DC Circuits course covers how electrochemical action is used. Covers batteries, electrolytic action,...


    Transformers and AC Circuits

    Covers differences between DC and AC circuits. Explains AC sine wave, using vectors to solve...


    Electrical Measuring Instruments

    Covers the maintenance procedures and principles on which electrical test instruments operate. Basic instruments covered...


    Electrical Safety and Protection

    Examines electrical hazards and stresses the importance of electrical safety. The online course covers the...


    DC Equipment and Controls

    Covers DC power applications in industry, types of DC generators, operating characteristics of DC motors,...


    Single-Phase Motors

    Covers the types and operating principles of common single-phase motors. Explains NEMA motor standards. Explains...


    Three-Phase Systems

    Covers three-phase motor principles for induction, synchronous, and multi-speed dual-voltage motors. Gives recommended maintenance practices...


    AC Control Equipment

    Covers the broad range of industrial motor starting and control equipment maintenance, including NEMA sizes...

    "Using a combination of TPC Online self-study courses to cover the basics, followed up with a TPC instructor to provide equipment-specific training, we have been able to significantly improve the performance of our maintenance organization."

    – Scott G.
    Maintenance Trainer
    Abbott Nutrition

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