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  • Mechanical Systems

Online Mechanical Systems Courses

The online Mechanical Systems' training series covers the principles of operating and maintaining most types of common equipment. Course topics begin with a thorough grounding in the elements of industrial mechanics, including working with hand tools, power tools, and fasteners. The training series continues on to explain lubricants, drive components, bearings, pumps, and piping systems. The Mechanical Systems series concludes with courses dedicated to training workers on hydraulics and pneumatics, including troubleshooting techniques for these systems. Learn more about online maintenance training with TPC Online.

Basic Mechanics

This Basic Mechanics course covers force and motion, work and energy, and fluid mechanics as...


Lubricants and Lubrication

This online course covers a complete lubrication training program, including functions and characteristics of lubricants,...


Power Transmission Equipment

Covers belt drives, chain drives, gears and gear drives, adjustable-speed drives, shaft alignment, shaft coupling...



This online course covers principles and applications of various types of bearings, including plain journal,...



Covers typical applications of various types of pumps. Describes factors affecting pump selection. Explains operating...


Piping Systems

Covers piping and tubing systems used for fluid transport in the plant: hydraulic fluids, steam,...


Basic Hydraulics

The Basic Hydraulics course covers hydraulic principles, types of hydraulic fluids and their characteristics. Describes...


Hydraulic Troubleshooting

This online course covers understanding hydraulic systems, using schematic diagrams, installation procedures, maintenance, cleanliness and safety....


Basic Pneumatics

The Basic Pneumatics course covers how work, force, and energy are applied to principles of...

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