5 Easy Ways to Improve Compliance at Construction Sites

Communication--or rather delayed communication-- is one of the main obstacles to construction compliance. A lack of communication can result in employees performing tasks in violation of OSHA standards, taking on tasks they’re not trained for, or result in adverse incidents. 

Mobile EHS software is one of the easiest ways to generate construction reports and ensure compliance on site. Short for Environment, Health, and Safety, a robust EHS system with mobile form capabilities help ensure regulations are met, employees are properly trained, and construction reports generated in a timely manner. 

Mobile OSHA Construction Compliance

An EHS mobile forms management system allows you to easily convert paper documents to mobile files readable on smartphones, tablets, and computers. One of the advantages of this is contract compliance forms are readily available to all employees, who can determine OSHA compliance status at a glance. 

Mobile forms are especially important when dealing with contractor companies. OSHA requires parent companies to provide contractors with line-of-business specific and site-specific safety orientations. Contractors can easily pull up such documents on-site and digitally sign forms, creating an instant online “paper trail” of construction compliance

Real-Time Incident Reporting

No matter how good your EHS management system, human error is always possible. Injuries and other adverse incidents require timely construction reports. A good EHS system will identify incidents and determine whether an incident is OSHA reportable or recordable. The system will also determine if employees involved in incidents need to take drug tests, automatically populate OSHA 300 and 300A forms, and send all relevant construction reports to the company’s insurance provider. 

Mobile forms speed up incident reports by allowing all employees to submit incident reports, quickly alerting you to minor incidents you might otherwise overlook. 

Immediate Onsite Entry

Mobile form management systems can be used for much more than incident reports. Employees can fill out audits, safety inspections, supply requests, and employee observations using the system. 

Given the nature of mobile technology, employee-submitted data need not be limited to the written word. Pictures and videos may also be submitted to both document incidents and support requests or questions. For large or multiple sites, employees can even upload GPS coordinates.

Automatic Notifications When Deficiency

An unsigned certification or delayed report can put your site at risk of OSHA violations. EHS software can monitor the completion of important paperwork, audits, and inspections, and provide you with automatic notifications in the event of incompletion or deficiency. The sooner you’re informed, the sooner you can correct the issue. 

Training Certification and Assessment

Workforce Management Solutions are also powerful training and assessment tools. Training courses and certifications can be delivered directly through the system, all of which are tracked and audited from a central interface. Employees get the training they need on-demand, while employers can quickly identify skill gaps, determine training progress and completion, and improve construction compliance.

TPC Training now offers a suite of Workforce Management Solutions to improve how efficiently you manage facility operations, track training, and ensure construction compliance. Our solutions include mobile forms software, contractor management applications, employee safety, and performance systems, incident management software and a skills and safety training suite, all designed to work independently or as a single unit, depending on your needs. 


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